Workshop on Visual Science Communication

We will be running a workshop on visual science communication at the virtual Women’s Careers and Networks Symposium on 27-28 May 2021.

We have already had some good experience with online workshops in recent months, for example for the Collaborative Research Centre „Metaorganism”. This was about the design aspects of creating a visual abstract for scientific papers. The participating scientists had great fun at the three-day workshop and also presented some amazing results of their own.

At the Women’s Careers and Networks Workshop will also focus on how visual science communication can illustrate complex issues and thus simplify access to science. In this three-day course, we will show theoretically how scientific visualizations are created from concept to work processes, and practically, participants will create their own graphical abstract. 

If you are interested, you can register here until 30 April 2021 for the WoCaNet 2021 virtual symposium and the workshop: