Project Description

Interdisciplinarity and scientific interaction determine the concept of the Centre for Molecular Biosciences (ZMB). The merger of the medical research groups includes mathematics and natural sciences as well as the faculty of agricultural and nutritional sciences at Kiel University. It forms an idealized structure of highly specialized molecular biology and molecular genetic research.

Challange: Communicate this union and cooperation of the different disciplines through its own visual identity.

Solution: The special architecture of the newly built ZMB building was inspiration and a challenge at the same time. The logo was created using the basic amebic shape of the building. Like a wireframe model of the architecture, the logo represents the five floors of the building. The substantive topic of genetic research is addressed by a perspective rotation of the sign, which simulates a double helix structure. Inside the building elements of the graphical logo sign are used for a signage system. The information design quotes the architectural elements and emphasizes the own identity of the building. Walkable corporate design.

Concept & Design: Prof. Tom Duscher
Design assistance: Sonja Dierk

Scientific Content: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bosch
Client: Zentrum Molekulare Biowissenschaften, ZMB