Project Description

Lymphomas are malignant diseases of the lymphatic system. The Lymphoma Register in Kiel, headed by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Klapper, collected and systematized lymphoid tissue, for over 50 years. This unique collection and systematization has contributed to a better understanding of the various malignant diseases of the lymphatic system.

Challenge: To provide basic knowledge of the lymphatic system and to form an introduction into this type of malignant diseases and their peculiarities.

Solution: We focus on to the medical method of comparison. With an interactive Poster different diseases and their characteristics can be studied on three different types of patients at their various body planes. The viewer navigates via zooming from the external appearance of man into the body up to the cellular level. A quite personal and intense experience.

Concept & Art Direction: Konrad Rappaport
Technical Development: Hermann Hartung

Scientific Content: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Klapper, Ulrich Mechler

Client: UKSH Hematopthology Section and Lymph Node Register Kiel
Links: Universit├Ątsklinikum S-H