Project Description

Hydrography is a sub-discipline of surveying and geoinformation. It examines the surface waters of the earth and gathers together the relevant data and information. The aim is to expand the knowledge of the bodies of water in order to use it responsibly and safely, and also to protect the habitat.

In 2016 the HYDRO 2016 will be held in Rostock, Germany, a meeting of several hundred hydrographers, companies and scientists from this field. The task is to develop the Corporate Design with logo, program, handbook, opening trailer and flyer for this event.

Water flows and changes its environment – constantly. Isolines provide abstract representations of the profile of a landscape.
But in this case the lines do not remain static but represent the continuous movement of water and the associated changes.
With the animated/generative logo, an ever new and individually deployable element was created which allows a recognition of the issue in diverse media. Water moves, so does the design.

Idea & Art Direction: Konrad Rappaport

Client: Deutsche Hydrografische Gesellschaft
Links: Deutsche Hydrografische Gesellschaft
Year: 2015