Project Description


Approach :
The interactive Scientific Poster „Digital Meta“ is a multitouch exhibit that showcases the complex scientific contents of host-microbe interactions. Introducing five different model organisms, users are invited to explore the coexistence of bacterial symbionts with their multicelluar hosts on a 65 inch multitouch display. Much like a smartphone or tablet, the interactive Poster is navigated using intuitive touch and swipe gestures. By choosing different paths through the multi-layered content, each user can create his or her individual access to the world of metaorganism research.

While novel technologies of analysis have enabled scientists to look into the underlying molecular and genetic mechanisms, the realm of host-microbe interactions stays entirely invisible to the human eye. For the first time, microbiome researchers of CRC 1182 together with the Science Communication Lab have now made an effort to visualize the interactions within the metaorganism in depth.

Concept & Research: Dr. Susanne Landis
Concept & Art Direction: Konrad Rappaport
Informationdesign: Manuel Reitz
Programming: Jan Kiecksee
Project Supervision: Prof. Tom Duscher

Scientific Advice:
Thomas Bosch
Katja Dierking
Sebastian Fraune
Lucia Pita Galan
Amine Hassami
Alex Klimovich
Ezgi Özkurt
Malte Rühlemann
Hinrich Schulenburg
Michael Sieber
Eva Stuckenbrock


Video documentation:

CRC 1182 Origin and Function of Meta Organisms
Christian-Albrechts University Kiel

New Technology:
For the first time, we bring our interactive scientific posters also on mobile devices. This is perfect to show your scientific research at conferences abroad or to share and explain your topics to a smaller group of colleagues. For us at Science Communication Lab, this flexibility in different media devices is a milestone in the development of exciting scientific communication formats.