Explore The Ocean at Ars Electronica 2022

We are delighted that our interactive scientific poster “Explore The Ocean” is now on display in the current exhibition “Global Shift” of the Ars Elecronica Center. It fits perfectly with the 2022 festival theme “Welcome to Planet B” and shows in 19 topics the spectrum of ocean research and the multifaceted threats of climate change.

The poster has received several international awards and was commissioned by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel in cooperation with Hapag Lloyd Cruises.

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NASA Astronomic Picture of the Day for DESY visualization

Our animation and visualization for the Binary Star and Micro-Quasar SS 433 was selected for NASA’s astronomy picture of the day on 2020 August 31. This is the second time that a visualization of the Science Communication Lab for DESY has been awarded, which makes us very excited and honored. Our aim is not only to create artistic and aesthetic images of scientific research, but also to gain the approval of the involved scientists. What better recognition for this than a selection for the APOD website?


The animation on APODS Youtube-Channel with 68.070 visits to date (14.9.2020)

More on the research and DESY press release


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New space visualizations for DESY with exclusive Carsten Nicolai soundtrack

Again, we have developed a cosmic 3D animation for DESY research. This time we travel 7500 light years in the constellation Carina (the ship’s keel) to the two superstars Eta Carinae. The DESY team headed by DESY’s Stefan Ohm, Eva Leser and Matthias Füßling has proven the binary system Eta Carinae to be a new source of very high-energy cosmic gamma rays. Our extensive 3D animation shows how this phenomenon works.

A very special highlight was the collaboration with the sound and media artist Carsten Nicolai. For us as admirers of his work, a dream came true that one of our animations was set to sound by him! With this, DESY will surely reach an even larger audience to communicate its cutting-edge research.



More on the research and DESY press release

Carsten Nicolai Interview

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iF Design Gold Award 2020

It is overwhelming how well the interactive scientific poster “Explore The Ocean” was received by the international juries.  It has now also been honored with the prestigious Gold Award of the iF Design Award. Of the 7,298 submissions, only 75 were awarded Gold by the independent iF expert jury! We are very grateful for this prestigious award and feel confirmed on our path. The jury’s statement sums it up very well:

“This is possible when designers and scientists work together. The project illustrates complex information about the sea in a very intuitive way. Important science is presented visually and comprehensively, with a sophisticated design that goes deep into the details. An absolute highlight!”

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Most Beautiful Award for “Explore The Ocean”!

The interactive scientific poster “Explore the Ocean” has been awarded “Gold” in the category Science and Technology at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Award 2019! This competition is considered the Oscar of Information Design for us and we admire many of the excellent entries.
The jury is also made up of the most important and stylistically most influential designers and data visualizers of our time, so wow! What an honour.
The awesome thing is that our work has also been awarded the highest distinction – “Most Beautiful”! It’s hard to believe and we are very happy. And of course we thank the scientists of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Marine Science and Hapag-Lloyd Cruises for the great cooperation.

We are highly motivated to unite behind science also in the future and to make sure that the importance of scientific research is recognized.


-> Go to the project documentation

The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards celebrates excellence and beauty in data visualization, infographics and information design. The Awards were started in 2012 and are open to creators from across the world – from rising stars, students, and individual practitioners, to established studios, media brands, NGOs and more. Community-driven, with expert judges and members of the public contributing to the decisions over who wins, the Awards gives out over $20,000 annually.

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New Project: DESY Dark Matter Research

To communicate the start of a unique particle physics experiment in search of dark matter (ALPS II) we produced a teaser animation that allows a first glimpse on this outstanding experiment conducted at the German Electron Synchrotron (DESY). A more detailed animation and explaining visuals about the ALPS II experiment are in production and will follow soon.

Dark matter is one of the greatest mysteries of physics. Although it is invisible to us, dark matter must make up 85 % of all matter in the Universe. There are several theories that try to explain the nature of dark matter and what it is made of. One possibility is that dark matter consists of very light-weight particles, the axions. And these are precisely the particles scientists are looking for in the ALPS II experiment at DESY. Our visual approach was to create a unique language for this field of research that is futuristic, innovative and in some parts mysterious.

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