Project Description

The internationally renowned marine biologist Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubilier of the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology asked us to design an interactive scientific poster for the foyer of the institute in Bremen where scientists could meet, present and discuss their research.

We created an interactive scientific poster that shows the different habitats of their research and allows zooming from organisms into the molecular level. With lifelike and vivid 3D models and animations, the poster shows how the different organisms interact with their environment and how environmental influences and cycles influence their habitat and ecosystems.
The poster enables the scientists a daily virtual dive to the habitats of their research organisms, even into the deep sea.

Structural Concept: Prof. Tom Duscher, Konrad Rappaport
Scientific Concept & Research: Dr. Susanne Landis
 Direction & 3D Design: Konrad Rappaport
Informationdesign: Manuel Reitz, Stephan Schakulat
Creative Development & Visual Coding: Luna Nane

Scientific Advice:
Dr. Soeren Ahmerkamp, Dr. Burak Avci
Dr. Christian Borowski, Prof. Dr. Nicole Dubilier
Dr. Verena Carvalho, Benedikt Geier
Prof. Dr. Frank Oliver Glöckner, Dr. Harald Gruber-Vodicka
Dr. Axel Gruhl, Dr. Joost den Haan
Prof. Dr. Jens Harder, Dr. Laurie Hofmann
Dr. Felix Janssen, Dr. Anne-Christin Kreutzmann
Dr. Sten Littmann, Dr. Wiebke Mohr
Dr. Massimiliano Molari, Rafael laso Perez
Dr. David Probandt, Dr. Greta Reintjes, Dr. Frank Wenzhöfer

Dr. Fanni Aspetsberger

Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology

The Making Of A Hydrothermal Vent

Marine science is full of fantastic and unusual species. Even the habitats are not yet fully explored and so there is always a bit of interpretation of how the processes and procedures take shape, for example in the deep sea. Here we support and inspire the researchers in their imagination and together we develop visuals and animations that come as close as possible to the findings of the scientists.

In this short Making Of you may get an idea of how complex it is to create these visuals.