Visualized 2016 conference in New York

We had a great time at the visualized conference in New York at 6th October. In the new building of Parsons New School at 5th Avenue an audience of about 500 people interested in the communication of information and data visualization came together to listen to 16 speakers.  It was a perfect overview about the  current  and pioneering topics and trends in the visualization and communication scene and we are so proud of having been part of it!  It turned out that the subject of science communication found a new meaning for many designers and scientists and we had interesting discussions about our projects.

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Evaluation at MS Wissenschaft

The renown Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and their research unit for science communication examinend how presentators benefit by the support of our Interactive Sciencific Poster. At the same time the audiences attendance was evaluated with eyetrackers. That all happend at the exhibition boat MS Wissenscchaft with participation of the marine scienentists Prof. Sebastian Krastel from Christian Albrechts University in Kiel and with Judith Engler, Oskar Oldorf and Prof Christian Berndt from Geomar, Helmholz Centre for ocean research. Thank you very much for your support! Now we are very excited to learn about the insights of this evaluation.

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Premiere of the New Scientific Poster at MS Wissenschaft!

MS Wissenschaft, the exihibtion boat of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will start its tour in Kiel from 03.05. – 08.05.2016. And on board there will be the new version of the Next Generation Scientific Poster! Together with scientists of th cluster of excellence “Future Ocean” we developed a completley new information structure and designed a interactive globe as a main navigation tool. Now evry content is retrievable in the same manner and mapped on the globe. “It is definitely the next level of design”, Konrad says. Best you try yourself and come to the world premiere to Kiel! And here you’ll find all tour dates of the MS Wissenschaft to get in touch next to your city.

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«Genexpressions» honorably mentioned at the media award for medicine, human and technology

Hurray! Christine Löll, author of the interactive scientific story „GenExpressions” for Substanz Magazine was honorably mentioned at the media award for medicine, human and technology in Berlin. SCICOM LAB developed the visual dramaturgy for this thrilling story about gene theraphy and lobbyism. You can read and interact with the whole story here.

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SCICOM-LAB wins German Design Award in Gold

It was a big event with over 1000 guests at Frankfurt Messe. On Feburary 12th we have been awarded with the gold price of the German Design Award 2016 for the excellent interaction design of our Next Generation Scientific Poster. We are so happy and proud about this prize! It motivates us to continue to create outstanding design.

Jurystatement: “Next Generation Scientific Poster is an outstanding research project that makes it possible to interactively convey an extremely complex topic in a self-explanatory and effective way. The information is so intelligently formatted that the user can determine the depth of information using the touch screen. The visually appealing interface was designed based on the gamification principle and is intuitive as well as fun to use for researching various content and topics and getting to the bottom of things. The poster offers flexible usage possibilities and is suitable for expositions, confer- ences or internal presentations of research projects and demonstrates the fact that even scientific topics can be presented attractively.”

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Scientific Poster at Red Dot 60th anniversary exhibition

In connection with of the 60th anniversary, the exhibition “Enduring, not ultimate form: 60 years of design history in Essen” shows exhibits from vintage cars to modern industrial design – and our Next Generation Scientific Poster! We are very honored being part of this exhibition from 29 June until 23 August 2015 at Zollverein, Areal A

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