Excellent science needs excellent design.
The Science Communication Lab specializes in developing innovative visual communication for the sciences and for complex, explanation intensive projects and products.


Recent News from the Lab

New Scientific Poster about global earthquakes for the GFZ Potsdam exhibition #FokusErde

The worldwide reknown German Research Centre for Geosciences, Helmholz Centre GFZ in Potsdam, launches tomorrow the exhibition „Fokus Erde”. We are proud to take part in this exhibition with a new poster on earthquake statistics. [...]

Innovation Prize 2017 of the City of Kiel

We feel very honored to be awarded with the innovation prize of our hometown, the City of Kiel! The official statement: (…) „The Science Communication Lab (www.scicom-lab.com) is awarded with the Innovation Prize 2017 of [...]

Technology against Terror – How scientists want to protect us from attacks.

A new project for the Robert Bosch Foundation masterclass initiative for innovative formats in science communication  is online. "Technology against Terror" is a radio documentary of the science reporter Ralf Krauter about the research on [...]